This may come as a shocker to many of our readers and readers of Game of Thrones to know that it’s very Islamic in nature. You’re probably wondering to yourself, how is this possible… a TV series about a fantastical Westernized setting to have any Islamic value at all. Mufti Mat Bro took up this challenge and sat through all 60 episodes of Game of Thrones after having the show edited by Official Saudi Censors, obviously, and what he discovered will surprise you.

From the very first episode, the show makes it clear that Nid Al Staq caliph of the north is a very peaceful man, often allowing those under his jurisprudence great leniency in their pursuit of happiness.
However, apostasy cannot be tolerated, if one allows an apostate to walk freely without any consequences others are sure to follow.
Here, Nid Al Staq is offering the apostate clemency and a chance to repent but Allah Subahanawatala has sealed the heart of the apostate, leaving Nid Al Staq with no other choice.

A face that many of us Muslims are familiar with when we’re caught up in the rat race of life, we sometimes forget to salat but Allah is merciful.
And just like Al Lanistaj, an Al Staq too always pays his Qada.


In Islam, family is important.
And no family shares a tighter bond than the House of Al Baltani.
A father and son moment for all times.


And despite being half brothers.
Ramiz Al Baltani still loves his kin and eagerly awaits to hold him.
Brotherly love.


Many modern “moderate” Muslims say that the Sunnah is irrelevant in this day and age, that it was a product of the middle ages and it’s values are outdated.
Ya’allah they are so wrong, here is an image of Tehran Al Lanistaj before Sunnah and after Sunnah, you can clearly see how unhappy he was despite having all the money and wealth in the 7 kingdoms compared to after Sunnah when he lost everything but his faith.


And despite no longer having his wealth, Tehran still performs Zakat.


We promise, it’s not wine.


Rich or poor, in Islam we are all equals under the eyes of Allah Subhanawatalah.
Jamial Al Lanistaj was found guilty of stealing chickens, even with his vast wealth he still had to face justice under Sharia.


Islamophobes often claim that Islam is unfair towards women and that they’re treated unfairly.
But Briyani of Tarthistan is breaking the glass ceiling.


Here is another example of how the kufar does not respect women.
A muslim man knows to lower his gaze.


In English, she is called a House Wife, in Arabic she is called the Queen of the House.
Nur Lena Al Ty’rael is surely treated with utmost respect, deserving of a Queen.


It is said that when a woman is a Muslim, she ages beautifully.
Lady Mila is a beauty beyond her age.


Muslim women are held in such high regard that even heaven is beneath their feet.


Just as we hold Muslim women on a high pedestal, they too must remember humility.


As humility is an important Muslim trait, so too is compassion.
Brother Sameer took in a girl with child for himself after a raid, liberating her from her kafir homestead.


As it is a woman’s duty to protect her modesty and be humble, it is for the man to protect their women.


Every Muslim learns how important it is to restrain oneself in the face of overwhelming temptation.


But sometimes, in a secular setting, temptations like alcohol are too readily available to temp our weaker willed Muslims, it becomes an obligation to remove the offending items.
Like alcohol.

peace will conquer us all

And just as it is one believer’s duty to unite the whole world under a peaceful Islam.
It is for us as Muslims to conquer the world with peace.


And we never condone terrorism.
Because this is what the Atheists do.


True Islam teaches us critical thinking.
That’s why we don’t believe in the Media’s lies about Muslim terrorists.


As we look forward to the next season of Game of Thrones.
We must always remember…
Ramadan Is Coming.

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