Many more Muslim teen Hijabi girls have been texting their dads!

Masha’Allah, everyone loves viral content. And everybody (except Islamophobic bigots!) loves positive stories about Islam. By now, everyone has heard about the brave Muslim teen who was confronted by an uneducated Islamophobe who implied- incredibly- that Muslim fathers are somehow, somewhere, a little overbearing towards their daughters.

What did this girl do? She clapped back! She texted her father and told him she wanted to take off her hijab (of course, she didn’t really want to take off her hijab, because that would be crazy, why would anyone want to do that? She was just testing her father so she could defend Islam). Her father’s response was heartwarming.

But now, MORE Muslim teens have gotten inspired and started texting their fathers, asking them all kinds of things. Their responses? POWERFUL. Inspiring. Amazing. Take a look


Yes! That’s much more accurate! Muslim Babas FTW!


Nice! This Muslim Baba clapped right back at his daughter…


Uh oh. Sometimes, Muslim teens need to be corrected in their misconceptions. She probably just needs a little “talking to.”


Yikes. I guess Baba was away from his phone. We’ll check in with him later!


Baba Zakir Naik FTW! This response is just perfect…


That’s a good point actually. Islam doesn’t advocate terrorism. Therefore, when you criticize Islam, YOU are supporting terrorism. Good point Malala.


The internet is filled with misinformation about Islam. Fortunately, this father knew to tell his daughter that none of the false information is true. Inspiring!


Oh no! Lindsay Lohan you just reverted to Islam and now you’re already becoming a progressive Muslim? Too soon…


(Editor’s Note: Cut this one)


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