Amidst the wide array of dishes out there to tantalise our taste buds, one would think it almost impossible to conceive yet a new dish that would have the ability to mobilise the throngs of halal food enthusiasts out there.

That however has been disproven by a group of expert chefs from the Halal Association Regarding All Muslims who were the masterminds behind this new dish to hit town.

Mee Sojini, utterly delectable, became an instant hit with women since it first came to stall fronts.

The phenomenon sees hundreds, if not, thousands of women queuing up for hours on end just to get a taste of the dish. See what these people have to say about Mee Sojini.

Even though it’s too spicy most of the time, it’s all about looking beyond that in the hopes that we may get a true taste of the dish at the end. We love it.


Says Chef Abdul Ram See, one of the chefs behind the dish “I cannot understand it. It’s almost as if the women willingly queue up for the dish, even if that means standing under the sun for hours. “


I consume it whole. No questions asked.


I fell in love with the name of the dish even before I first landed my tastebuds on it.

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