siam2Images of French police officers forcing a Muslim woman to remove her clothes went viral yesterday as massive outrage explodes over the internet in support for the woman’s religious right to wear her burkini in accordance to Muslamic Modesty culture, informing the world that France has lobbied a new legislation that forbids Muslims from wearing a burkini as part of a public dress code on the beaches of selected French towns including that of Nice, the scene of a gruesome truck rampage perpetrated by a gamer.

The banning of such an article of clothing is an affront to Muslim rights as Muslimas are expected to maintain a sense of honour about themselves by covering their awra, however resourceful and creative Halal certified fashion designer Jamiya Izz Lamia designer of the Yahoodie has informed us that she has plans to release a waterproof version of her Yahoodies that are beach friendly to combat this insidious form of religious discrimination.

When asked about her thoughts on the burkini ban in France, Jamiya said that she was upset to hear about this horrible news that in a western country that men are in charge of what women can wear, which is unlike Islamic countries where Muslim women make the active choice to wear their hijabs and no man forces her take it off. For a Muslima the choice is simple, be modest, there is no need for a Muslima to flaunt and attempt to get the attention of a man, we are the real feminists and men treat us like royalty and have to chauffeur for us in Saudi Arabia, I only wish it was like this everywhere else where I can get a man to chauffeur me around town, concluded the Indonesian native from Bali with a effeminate giggle.

The release date of the Waterproof Yahoodie is yet to be confirmed but she did send us at MuftiNews exclusive concept drafts for her new line. Look out for these, coming to a store near you.


Concept Draft for Waterproof Yahoodie

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