Samad is a first time blogger here at Mufti News

Samad is a first time blogger here at Mufti News

Hey! Mupti News! Bastad! Chutya! I’m gonna talk in the English so you can understand it what I’m saying. You think you have a big dick, huh? You think you are so smart you can say anything making jokes on the Islam, huh? I have only one message for you:

Fuck you!

You are saying lies about our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him? Saying lies on Allah’s religion? What Islam has done to you? Did a Muslim fuck your mother? Did one rape your sister? What is wrong with you? Talking about my religions like that.

Are you retarded? Do you have a mental deficency? You want me to correct it for you? Are you a fucking leprechaun? Do you have AIDS? Are you smoking some drugs? Are you some kind of fatso diabetic needing insulin to correct the sugar levels? Maybe your sugar levels are too high that is why you are not talking sense? Hey! Pig fucker, you hear me now?

Are you a homo? You like to suck dicks for money? You like it when I will fuck you in the ass? You want me to fuck your bitch mother in the pussy then I will be like your shit father who you don’t even know which one is he? You are such a badass mutherfucker. Shit, you are! Piss your balls! Maybe I will cut your dick in half then you will improve your logic!

You talk like this about Islam. Israel is killing Muslim babies every day, pig Jews they don’t care about the Muslim brothers. What do you know about Islam? Nothing! Learn something first and then talk!

You make a disgrace on my noble religion. Never in my life I talk like this. But I love Islam, and your shit website has made me say this, may Allah forgive me. Piss goat fuck you! Stop spreading lies on the Islam! Or I’m gonna fuck you! Is it clear what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna fuck you!


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