Samad is a blogger here at Mufti News

Samad is a blogger here at Mufti News

This is an opinion piece by Samad the angry Pakistani blogger.

Why you making this Orlando shooting about gays?! It’s always me, me, me with you gays, eh? You have to spin everything to make it all about you, eh bastad chutiya? Shame on you! Don’t you have hearts?! Why you are not feeling pity for the real victims? The Muslims?

Is it the gays that are being harassed after this shooting?! NO! Everyone’s paying attention to them, everyone’s caring for them. They have everything they want, their “equal” sodomite marriages and all (Lanatullah!). It’s the Muslims that are subject to mean Islamophobic comments and posts! But you are still changing your profile pics to that filthy rainbow thing and using pro-LGBCDEF hashish tags. If you have a heart, change your pic to one with the shahada and use pro-Muslim hashish tags.. like #WontYouThinkOfTheMuslims and #IAmWithTheRealVictimsAKATheMuslims

I salute all those who talked about Islam and how it’s peaceful the moment they heard that some people got slaughtered. For every moment is a moment that can be used to spread our deen and make sure its image is clean so that more people will revert, inshallah. You too, inshallah. Just say La Ilaaha Ilallah Muhammaduh Rasoolullah. Congrats, you are now a Muslim, bruv.

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