downloadPresident of PETA, Brigid Nids Newfur, in a recent press release awarded Muslim groups with their prestigious “Most Ethically Approved Treatment” (MEAT) of Pigs Award as Muslims around the world abstain from the consumption of pig products nor do they keep pigs as livestock.

“It is my honor and privilege as the President of PETA to give the MEAT of pigs to Muslims around the world.
We at PETA have taken notice of the due diligence and effort Muslims around the world take to avoid the purchase and consumption of swine products. In our culture of hyper carnivorism it has become harder for an individual to avoid the consumption of meat as such it is no mere feat that Muslims around the world have done in their effort to curtail the swine market and we at PETA would like to thank them for their selfless contribution in shutting down the pig cruelty market” – Brigid Nids Newfur, who also went on to award the MEAT of cows to The Hindus.




The list of Muslim groups given the prestigious MEAT of Pigs includes but not limited to:

  • Al Queda
  • Jameeh Islamiyah
  • Boko Haram
  • Hizbut Tahrir
  • Council of American Islamic Relations
  • Muslim Council of Britain
  • The Muslim Brotherhood
  • HAMAS (not the Israeli one)
  • The entire country of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Brunei for outlawing pork products.

MuftiNews would also like to extend the congratulations to all our Muslim readers for their continued boycott against the global swine market for the last 1400 years.

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