Just when we thought we couldn’t get any closer to Judgement Day, a stall owner has come up with the apparently delectable and savoury Pork Briyani.

The supposedly tasty dish has been the cause of much buzz over the past week since it launched in Singapore, a harmoniously multi-religious society.

Inspectors at the Halal Association Regarding All Muslims were quick on scene to confirm suspicions that Pork Biryani was indeed haram.

It looks just like the real deal Mashallah!

Ahmad, 42, Chief Inspector of Halalness Department at Halal Association Regarding All Muslims had this to say “Ah, we actually did the research and we have found the briyani to be haram eh.”

He went on to say that his research department found active ingredients like active pork, a few teaspoons of apostasy, a healthy dose of skepticism and a tinge of Darwin powder to add to the flavour.

On top of that, you can actually add $2 for this special achar which contains excessive amounts of science.

Please do give it a miss, my brothers and sisters

A passer-by going by Abdul commented, “How can like that? Later my Muslim brothers accidentally buy then how? I saw some Muslim brothers think that it’s a normal Indian Muslim stall and was almost going to buy until I stopped them. Wah lucky ah they never eat the pork briyani. If not, rabak ah like that.“ 

“Don’t be fooled, their Papadam uses Logic flour which was previously only found in kuffar labs in Western countries until recently.” added Abdul.

Some measures being considered are to make it more obvious that the stall is not halal by putting a halal sign that is struck off.

“That way, inshallah, there won’t be anyone buying and eating by mistake. “ Ahmad adds.

At lunch time, the stall owners were not free to comment as they were busy serving out their pork briyani to the lunch crowd.

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