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Progressives setting unrealistic standards for Muslims.

Moderate Muslims have come out against progressive Muslims. Speaking to Mufti News, moderate Muslim Muhammad (No Peace Be Upon Him Because He’s Not The Prophet) said,

“It’s unfair. These progressive Muslims are setting unrealistic standards for Muslims with their open minded-ness and progressive world views. Not only do they tolerate homosexuals but they are also pro-gay! Most Muslims are moderates like me. We are not open minded. We won’t kill a gay person but we sure are not pro-gay. We cannot tolerate the burning of Qurans and the drawing of our prophet. We can’t live up to these standards set by the progressives! Who are they to decide how Muslims should be? We preferred it back when Muslims were depicted as crazy extremists. Back then, we didn’t feel any pressure, we didn’t get depressed because we couldn’t live up to the standards, our self esteem was not affected negatively. In fact, it had positive effects on our self esteem. We felt good because we were better than those stereotypes. We could point our fingers at the extremists and say, see, even though we are anti-free speech, antisemitic and believe in punishing apostates and gays, we are still moderate compared to these extremists. Even though we are not really peaceful towards minorities within, we could be seen as the most peaceful people on Earth when compared to the extremists.”


We managed to contact a progressive Muslim who commented,

“These “normal” Muslims don’t know real Islam. Even their imams and sheikhs don’t know it. It is not known through history books either. Nor can it be known through hadith and tafsir books. What did you say? What about the Quran? No, you can’t learn true Islam from the Quran either. True Islam exists solely in the heart. You will just have to look deep inside and you will find it.”

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