Think about it. Use the brain that God created for you. And think for a second. If you were God, and you took the trouble to create a creation, and that very creation decided not to worship you, despite you dropping major hints throughout time, even compiling a whole book with your homie who happens to be one of them.


Even after repeatedly having to make a lesson or two out of a few of the civilisations, a whole group of them still decide not to worship you.

All the answers are out there, all they needed to do was to just look for it in the book. But no, they just had to go and worship other gods. What’s worse, all those other gods are non-existent! Oh the gall!

You’ve given them all the answers they ever needed in your book, but they had to go and do the science stuff and recreate the wheel or whatever you call it.

Really, how would you feel if your very own creation did not believe in you?

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