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Asalamu walaikum. I am asking this question for a friend only because my computer skills are superior to his, and he has asked for my help with this embarrassing problem. 

But my friend has gone recently for Umrah and while he was there he confessed to me very privately that he has done the secret habit while he was on Umrah. Does this make his Umrah invalid? Jazakum Allah Khairann for your answer. 

– An Anonymous Brother

Praise be to Allah


Masturbation is prohibited based on the evidence in the Holy Qur’an. Imam Shafi’i pointed to the verse:

“And those who guard their private parts from illegal sexual acts. Except for their wives or (their slaves) that their right hands possess; for them they are free from blame. But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors.” 23: 5-7.

A common misreading of this verse has led some Shuyukh to interpret that masturbation is permitted (for men only) if the penis is stroked with the right hand, but never with the left. However, the majority of Fuqaha reject this interpretation, and as such, masturbation is a sin for both men and women.

The sin is compounded when it is committed in a place, or at a time, of special virtue, especially if it was done at a time that has been singled out for an act of worship. That is obviously contrary to what was intended by the Lawgiver.


While masturbation is one of the things that is prohibited in a state of purity, only the Hanbalis believe that Umrah is invalidated by the act of ejaculation during this period. Maalikis believe that ejaculation is permitted so long as there is no intercourse, and Shaafis believe that it is permitted as long as “she was really worth it.”

All scholars are unanimously agreed that if a Muslim does engage in masturbation, he should avoid all thoughts of the Messenger of Allah so as not to dirty his memory in the eyes of Allah, and should end the act by saying “Sadaqallah hu alayul adheem.”


Scholars disagree exactly over what the punishment should be for engaging in masturbation while on Umrah. Some scholars believe the offending believer must sacrifice a sheep. But most scholars these days (I among them) believe that this practice is outdated, and that it is more reasonable to simply sacrifice a camel. The more conservative view is that the camel must be a gestating female, but because Islam does not wish to impose undue hardship on a believer, any camel will be sufficient for this purpose.

Finally, please let your friend know that the penalty for a single act of masturbation is the same as multiple acts of masturbation, so long as all of them occur during the same Umrah. So although it may be too late to make a difference for your friend this time, it is good to be armed with this knowledge so that pilgrims can plan accordingly.

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“Wait, what?”


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