dancingboyAsalamualaikum Quoran

I am writing to express concern about my brother who has taken a liking to young boys, admittedly many of the boys hes taken a liking to have feminine features, I am still concerned that what he is doing is a sin against Islam, is homosexuality not haraam?

What is more disturbing to me is that he has also taken a liking to a Japanese Anime called Boku No Pico, it is so gay. Please advise, I am worried for the salvation of his soul

Yours Faithfully
Haider Salami



Walaikumusalam Haider

We understand your concerns for “your brother”, the Muftis and our Quoran team have tirelessly scoured the Quran and Hadiths for guidance in this matter and we have found some rather interesting surahs.

quran5224quran5617quran7619There are many Afghani men who partake in the pleasures of the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, there is a shortage of girls and this isn’t a sexual thing per se, it’s more of a dominance and power thing, so no homo.

We also have to remember that homosexuality in Islam is defined as sexual activities between two MEN, boys aren’t men yet therefore Allah in his infinite wisdom has made it halal for those of us who wish to have servant boys in the hereafter.

So as long as “your brother” continues to assert his dominance and not fornicate with other men, we are pretty sure this is not Haraam, per se.

Regards Quoran.


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