n_61055_1Asalamualaikum Quoran,

I am Masha and I am 14yrs old and married to a Muslim man from Pakistan, he is 52 this year, we are living in England right now. My husband has taken a liking to an English girl of 10 yrs old, she is so much prettier than me, blonde hair and fair skin. He is planning to revert her to Islam so he can marry her. I don’t want to feel jealous like this, is this a test that Allah has for me, why must gravity be so cruel and ravage my body, should I call the police and have him incriminated?

Faithfully, Masha Lahdulila


Dear Masha,

According to the quran it is Allah’s given right for a man to have more than one wife but not exceeding 4, unless this man was the prophet(Peas and blessings be upon him) then he can have more than 4. This is just how the world works, you must accept it and put away those unislamic thoughts of jealousy, we can arrange to have the “anti kufr device” implanted in you if you wish.

Your husband is doing the lord’s will spreading dawah by marrying kufars, you should be proud of him and be supportive, besides western police will not do anything to your husband for fear of being called racists and islamophobic, alhamdulillah, Allah will protect him.

Regards Quoran.

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