Quoran is a new series of ask-and-answer styled articles where we share questions we receive from our readers and fans who wish to never deviate from halal living.

In this first of many more to come, inshalalla, a certain brother Muhammad Muhammad sent this to us a couple of days ago.

Brother Muhammad Muhammad : Yo Quoran, is there like uh, weed in Jannah? (Asking for a friend.)

I mean like, a lot of my friend’s friends are smoking weed and where I’m at, it’s cool you know, like legal cool kinda cool. So you don’t have to be hiding around acting all shifty and shit. So like, they would ask my friend to smoke with them all the time, and he like totally tries to turn the offer down. And trust me, it’s grade A shit right there. Well, or so, my friend says. But I trust him.

weed love
So anyway, my friend’s friends have been very persistent and it seems like he’s given in to temptation a couple of times (Allah will understand, right? :/ ). And he’s Muslim see, so he would like to know if there’s gonna be weed up there in Jannah.

I’m worried for him.

Thanks in advance, Quoran.


Quoran : Brother asks a good question. Short answer is yes.

Long answer is you may have anything you will ever want in Jannah. Absolutely anything But here’s the thing. You’ll be so much in awe of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that you shall never cease adulating them nor will you ever want to.

wants vs weed

Here, a Venn Diagram to make it clearer.

In fact, imagine a perpetual trip. A never ending one. Yes. Now, how nice would that be, right? Well, you won’t want that in Jannah simply because you would have already gotten all that Allah knows you would have ever wanted. And Allah pretty much decides all that you will want too, in case you didn’t know that.

So, really, yes but no. There will be weed in Jannah, but you won’t have any need nor want for it.

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