Quoran is a new series of ask-and-answer styled articles where we share questions we receive from our readers and fans who wish to never deviate from halal living.

Assalamualaikum. There is a song I accidentally heard on the radio while in the mall the other day by a certain rapper who says he’s beginning to feel like a Rap God, Rap God. It sounded catchy but I felt bad for listening to it. See. Isn’t Allah supposed to be the one and only god of all worlds, necessarily including the rap world too? This Eminem guy is trying to dethrone His Royal Rapness in a way or so it seems.

“Why be a king when you can be Allah?”

Brother, brother. Wa’alaikumsalam and we thank you for your first-world question: Allah or Eminem, who is the real rap god here? The answer is very straightforward. It is Allah SWT. Allah is the god of all worlds and by that, it also follows that Allah would be the Real Rap God SWT by default. All others are mere imitators and wannabes.

Brother, if you enjoy Eminem’s raps, imagine what Allah’s raps would be like in Jannah. Whatever feats man can accomplish in this dunya cannot compare to the talent and skills that Allah SWT can amass. If only you could hear Allah’s rap, you would never want anything else to touch those ear drums of yours. That, my brother is what awaits you for being a good Muslim in this world.

So yes, Allah SWT is the real Rap God and not some copycat wannabe Eminem.

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