The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, upon the recommendation of the High Council of Saudi Science Laureates Council has awarded Rapper B.o.B the Top Science Award Ever for his selfless and unrelenting efforts in educating the public against the dangers of believing in the round earth theory.

flat b0bB.o.B. at the award ceremony

This was after the rapper got the attention of the high council for his feud on Twitter with notorious top non-Brazilian science conspiracist Marty Gras Tyson.

tysonMarty Gras Tyson, the conspiracist

B.o.B. was instantly invited to the Royal Palace of the Sauds for the award ceremony for standing his ground and defending science.

In the feud, conspiracist Tyson was seen touting his ridiculous, obviously false and non-legit round earth conspiracy theories over and over.

Esteemed B.o.B. was quoted at the ceremony as saying.

“Tyson is not doing the science world any good by touting his arguments which just keep going round in circles. “

Conspiracist Tyson had earlier tweeted,

“Flat Earth is a problem only when people in charge think that way. No law stops you from regressively basking in it.”

B.o.B. just about had enough and gave Tyson the conspiracist the lowdown that totally owned Tyson with his tweet.

“Dude, the earth is flat. Period. Goodnight. I’m done here.”

At his award ceremony, B.o.B. was understood to have said.

“Enough scientists have sacrificed their lives travelling to the edge of the earth and fallen into oblivion. How many more lives do we need to lose before the round earth theories stop. Others have spent years dedicated towards defending the flat earth theory and we do not want all that to go to waste. “

He adds,

“Well we can all see that the Earth is flat. It really doesn’t take a genius to figure out that what we thought was true back in the Middle Ages about the Earth being round, is no longer true. “

flat earth

MuftiNews acknowledges that the Sauds have long been purveyors and guardians of truth when it comes to the sciences. Numerous notable Saudi scientists have come up in the past time and time again to rebuke the round earth conspiracy.

Late last year, Sheikh Bandar Al-Khaibari, a member of the High Council of Saudi Science Laureates Council had to painstakingly educate a group of misled youths at the International Science Fair held in Riyadh.

He had to rebut a rebellious, ignorant and complacent youth who claimed that the Earth orbited the Sun and that it was rotating on it’s own axis when it fact, everyone knows that the Earth, which is obviously flat, does not even rotate on its axis.

Al-Khaibari said,

“Masha’allah do you even science, bruv? If the Earth rotates, why do planes have to fly? They can just stay in place while the Earth rotates beneath them.”



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