In another new blow to the Accursed Western Science (AWS), Muslim scientists in Egypt have found that in all sample sizes of experiments run on Quranic texts about “scientific miracles”, it was found that there is a whooping 105% certainty that the Quran Al-Kareem is indeed, miraculous and full of truths.

This is in a stark contrast to theories in modern science, which can only use 90%, 95% or 99% Confidence Intervals, which is clearly inferior by a startling 10% – 25%.

The research, conducted by final year Ulamas from Al-Kaddab University in Cairo used a sample size of 777,777 Qurans sourced from all over the world.

They were further divided into 80 basic groups of translations for the main languages of the world and it was found that all 777,777 Qurans spoke of the same miracles, regardless of translation.

The research also discovered up to 816,665 Qurans showed the same miracles without much variation. Of these, 26,000 odd Qurans were donated by a rich Arab Billionaire and the other 12,000 Qurans were sourced online.

The 105% figure was calculated by including the other 38,000 Qurans to the 777,777 sample size.

They also sought to find “ten forged surah (chapters) like unto it, then “called whomsoever they could” (other than Allah) as per Qur’an 11:13 and found that they couldn’t, despite a thorough literature review of all 816,665 Qurans.

“Alhamdulillah, this is truly a miracle of Allah in itself.”, said Lead Researcher Muhammad Muhammad Bin Muhammad.

“The truth is there, and it shows that the Quran is a great source of truth and can better explain the natural world than science.”, he added

“Checkmate, atheists!”, declared co-researcher Paula Maulana Abdullah.

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