Every year, a homosexual rallying event occurs in Singapore where decadent homosexuals and homosexual supporters will gather to rally for the repeal of Section 377a, a law that dictates what two grown men are not allowed to do in the confines of their own four walls.

Thankfully however, this event, known as “Pink Dot” is not without it’s fair share of resistance from the island’s morally upright citizens who oppose the homosexual revolution. The Pink Dot resistance forces come in the form of the “Wear White Movement”, understood to be a unified coalition of the different religions peacefully coming together to show their public disapproval of others doing things they don’t like being done.

Uhh. Actually, we think it was green.

More recently, the efforts of the coalition resistance movement, Wear White, have come under fire from some Muftis and ulama (holy men) for being “too successful”.

Photo courtesy of Faith Community Baptist Church

Our Regional Head Mufti on the ground, Mufti Mat Bro explains.

“See, brothers and sisters, about 1400 years ago, several prophecies were made about the future. There were prophecies about skyscrapers, leaders of state abusing power, people wearing rags for clothes, and now this, homosexuality being embraced by society.”

Just look at that! How can he do such a thing, stripping his top off like that and turning everyone on.

“These prophecies would eventually signal the end of times, and bring about the second coming of Jesus and Imam Mahdi (the good guys) and the Dajjal, (the bad guy) as stated in this verse: “

“And (Jesus) shall be a Sign (for the coming of) the Hour (of Judgment): therefore have no doubt about the (Hour), but follow ye Me: this is a Straight Way. The Nobel Quran 43:61”

It always starts with an innocent hand on shoulder. How very typical. Image courtesy of The Wanderlister

“However, at the rate that the Wear White Movement is getting really good at what it does, it doesn’t seem like society is going to ever get bad enough for the prophecy to come true any time soon. “

“Can you imagine how disappointed Jesus AS and Imam Mahdi would be if they came all the way down only to find out that the world wasn’t in as shitty a position as they were expecting it to be. “

“It’s supposed to go down in history as the most epic of battles between good and evil. “

It is understood that if the Wear White Movement succeeds, not only will that then mean a false prophecy on the part of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH but it will also spoil God’s plans for the end of days.

See! This one has started having his tongue out already.

Mufti Mat Bro adds, “I guess if all else fails, spare a thought for all those in the graves already. They have been waiting for decades. Can you imagine how that must feel? And here you are trying to push back Judgment Day just so you don’t get irked by what a bunch of guys get up to in their respective bedrooms?”

Another Mufti, also on the ground, Mufti Shaikh Abu Du’aba adds, “Now, Mufti Mat Bro is absolutely right. If society was all good, and none of the prophecies actually came true, then we’re in deep shit. The world as we know it would never end. Do we really want that, really?”

“Ultimately, the Wear White Movement is not wrong. It’s good to show some effort in the moral policing department. But it is also their duty to find that sweet spot between fulfilling a prophecy and not overdoing it. These are tricky times. We must tread carefully. ”

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