Noticeably Saddened and Disappointed Hijabist at failed Event.

After the spectacular failure of #HijabDay in Sciences-Po where only a dozen students showed up in Hijabs, students from across the globe at King Saud University host their own #HijabDay in solidarity with their Hijabi sisters in Paris to an overwhelming response with 100% attendance of female students in their hijabs.

They have expressed their disappointment in their western Allies who have failed in bringing about the Islamist practice of enforcing the Hijab under the guise of cultural tolerance onto Muslima who live abroad and do not live under such stringent rules and regulations due to the overwhelming islamophobic liberal backlash as just last month Stewardesses from Air France had refused to don the veil while they were grounded in Tehran, Iran.

“Westerners just do not understand that as Muslimas it is our prerogative to advertise to the world that we are Muslims by donning the sacred Hijab as it is for a man to grow out an epic beard. It is just our tradition that we wish to share to the world, I mean it’s great when the Kufar wears one, so that we can shame our Muslim sisters into wearing one too, if the Kufar can wear it why can’t you, sister? Why must you dress up like a slut, showing off your hands and ankles? ” – Amina Said, student at King Saud University where many other students share her sentiments. The event went on without a hitch in King Saud University, as students protest in solidarity with their French allies condemning all those who oppose their conservative view of Islam as Islamophobic.

Dissenting voices like Sonia Mabrouk, Asra Nomani and Hala Arafa who implore that women stop supporting the Hijab as a symbol of religious solidarity and support the right for women in Islamic Countries where the Hijab is mandatory and not wearing it carries a severe penalty, simply put #HijabDay is an insult to women everywhere.

However not everyone agrees with them, “We were hoping to show solidarity with our Muslim sisters all over the world who are not allowed to wear the Hijab, like for work place safety, which is a blatant sign of Islamophobia in our western culture where they have the choice, besides the Hijab is more than just a piece of clothing, it is a symbol of a Muslima’s deen and it has also liberated me from unrealistic standards of western beauty as I’m covered head to toe, if I could wear the Niqab I wouldn’t even have worry about being presentable, if I could wear the Burka I would be completely protected from the oppressive “Male Gaze”. We had not expected the sort of Islamophobic backlash from the liberals who do not understand that the Hijab is a choice, even in countries where it is enforced, either by Sharia or culture, women there have always had the choice, they can choose to cover up or face the consequences of not covering up.” – Ceille LeGurl, a Hijab clad, non Muslim, caucasian social justice advocate of #HijabDay and member of Salaam an Islamic Reflection group, told MuftiNews reporter, who also informed us that they will be trying again next month to promote Sharia day, to make the prospect of Islamic Law less frightening to non Muslims. We wish them all the best, inshyallah. 



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