The Education Ministry has recently just announced that as of 26/3/1437, all students will start to write the plus sign ,”+” as double minuses, that is, “- -“.

The move was in line with other measures introduced in the state that seeks to rid society and public spaces of any influences that might lead Muslims astray.

The new measures were announced at a press conference, after heavy deliberation by the council of high ulamas at JAKIN.

A student interviewed at Sekolah Menengah Mega, Hashim Hasam said “Actually, easier to write. Faster some more. One dash is minus, two dash is plus. No wonder all along cannot pass. So, easy now can pass hopefully. ”

Earlier this month, a row of innocent houses were accused of being objects of proselytisation and their roofs were covered up with paint promptly upon request by the authorities. It is not known how many Muslims were already affected by the cross on the rooftops.

In response, a special task force was set up to investigate the subliminal effects of crosses in our everyday lives and to curb subliminal influences by the church to convert any Muslims out of Islam and into Christianity.

A makcik at the pasar was noted as saying “Actually ah, bagus la this move. But then, I not sure if the phrase “two wrongs make a right” will then be hardwired into society. Die la like that.”

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