Mashallah, see his Sunnati beard.

Mashallah, see his Sunnati beard.

The story of Shaykh Lugman (Hafizahullah) is one of the most inspirational stories for us Muslims. Lugman was an ordinary man, following the prophetic tradition of shepherding in the desert. His life changed when his family was killed by an imperialistic drone strike. This made him join the Jehadi Order of Mullah Abi Wan Al Qanoubi. Another life changing event for the young Lugman was witnessing the martyrdom of his mentor, Abi Wan (May Allah Rest His Soul).

Luqman later went to study with the esteemed Grand Mufti, Youdah (Rahimahullah), who previously headed the Jehadi Order while recruiting child soldiers. Lugman was still new to the true faith then; Mufti Youdah had to instill the proper faith in him with timeless words like, “Clear your mind of questions” and “Do, or do not, there is no try.” Surely one could never follow Islam properly with questions, for questions are but the whispers of Satan that lead you astray. And you either do Jehad like a true Jehadi or you do not, like a munafiq.

After learning the proper ways of the Jehadi, Luqman went on to kill countless infidels with his group of rebel fedayin. Of course, innocent lives may have been taken while destroying various infidel locations like Jabbar’s barge and the large infidel ship, the Death Star. But collateral damage is a reality one must face when killing infidels. The true faithful do not worry about such innocent deaths as they know that this is not the real life; Allah will resurrect the dead for the true life, and the good people who were killed would spend eternity in heaven. And the true faithful are ready to even kill their friends and family if it is the will of Allah, as exemplified by the almost-sacrifice of the prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and Luqman’s readiness to kill his own father, who was a native informant ex-Jehadi who joined the infidel imperialist pigs and became a Shiite working for the Shiite Lord Sidi Aws.

Shaykh Luqman, now a wanted terrorist, lives in hiding. May Allah protect his slave, who continues to inspire us all.

May Allah be with you.

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