This is what Jihadists look like.
Two Muslim workers for the Mass Rapid Transit system in Singapore were killed in a tragic work related accident. They are the true heroes of Islam, the Champions of this mortal realm.

As our prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said: “If he works hard to feed his kids, he is in Jihad.. if he works hard to feed his old parents he is in Jihad.. and if he is working to feed himself, to exalt himself from begging then he is also in Jihad in the way of Allah”

ISIS and those cowards in Brussels are not Jihadists they are not even Muslims. As we all know when a Muslim commits an act of terror they are no longer Muslims and Islam is the religion of peace.

Nasrulhudin Najumudin and Muhammad Asyraf Ahmad Buhari you are the real mujahidin, warriors of Mohammed and may Allah bless your souls with the everlasting rewards of Paradise, brothers your Jihad has ended.

To the families of the fallen men, our condolences and prayers are with you.


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