MuftiNews reporters were alerted yesterday to a 5 year-old Muslim boy, Moohamad Zool Fiqhar in Afghanistan who named all 124 000 prophets in Islamic history.

Upon arriving at the home, Fiqhar performed the miracle once more for us. The family insisted that no camera recordings were allowed. The feat went on for several hours until all 124 000 prophets were named. It was also noted that Fiqhar got none of the names right according to recorded Islamic history.

The names that Fiqhar came up with were mostly inspired by the cartoon series aired daily on his local television channel. Most of the names were combinations of each other. Several of the names were even repeated but 5 year old Fiqhar claimed that it was alright. The parents have insisted that it was legit even though our legit Muftis at MuftiNews have indicated that one cannot just name prophets as one likes.

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