We were walking around on our daily routine making daa’wah on kuffars yesterday morning when we came across literally the first Korean we have ever met. He introduced himself as Kim Kur Ahn the Korean and we got to doing kuffar small talk, a tactic we usually make on unsuspecting kuffars to make them feel a little more comfortable among us beardos.

js park

As it turns out, our tactic worked and the Korean got comfortable enough to enquire more about the true religion Islam.

“Mmm mmm. Fresh meat..” We thought.

We continued talking for a while more.

We eventually came to a point where we got to asking him about his stance on gays in Islam in particular.

This is what the Korean says about gays in Islam.

*Speaking in heavily Korean-accented English*

“Hey I think that if you’re gay, it’s cool. And if you’re a Muslim that’s cool too. And if you have to be a gay Muslim, honestly buddy, I couldn’t care less and you probably shouldn’t too because it’s none of your business. And if it says that Allah doesn’t quite like gays in the Koran, then that’s really between them and god, and you shouldn’t be sticking your nosey ass in between.”

And it was at that moment that we “La kum di nukum”-ed him and walked off.

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