The world is bombarded with Jewish and atheistic agendas. All around, you see billboards and posters telling you to commit sin. They tell you to skip your fasting and prayer. They tell your sisters to wear shorter skirts and then keep decreasing their lengths till there is hardly anything left.  Some go as far as to suggest that you commit shirk and associate other gods with Allah. This is nothing new. And in fact, all these have been foretold in the books. 

Today however, the hardest thing that Muslims have to resist most is the gay pride movement.  It has finally made its way to mainstream media, reaching out to innocent Muslims kids, adolescents and teens and making them turn gay against their will and then only realise it when it’s too late even in some cases.

The gay pride message has started to show itself subliminally in the subtle messaging that you see on the telly, that you read on the papers and whose ads “innocently”appear  on your newsfeeds , without you even realising it. What seems innocent, inviting, and pro-family at first, upon closer inspection, eventually rears its true colours of calling you to submit to debauchery . This revolution sadly, has been getting increasingly popular as our brother, Mr Basheer Khan points out.

Ya Allah, may I never suck on such a rainbow colored ice cream ever again

Mr Khan has painstakingly decoded the subliminal messaging that has been floating around right under our noses. He has so kindly shared his research findings on Facebook so that we may all be more aware of how close we are to crossing over to the gay side so we may stop ourselves in time. It seems from his research findings that this gay agenda has been one massively orchestrated effort that is now being executed on a corporate level.

May our brother be rewarded handsomely in Jannah for his efforts in subverting this increasingly gayish gay agenda.

So I heard that the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) made a demand to remove the phrase “Supporting the Freedom to Love” from the Pink Dot banner so as to avoid affecting people’s sensibilities.

Here is a list of some other phrases that is affecting people’s sensibilities that we (the morally superior God-fearing Singaporeans) demand for ASAS to remove from the public too.

1. “Just Do It”

Just do what exactly? Nike has an obligation to explain to us what “it” in the phrase means. These three words can turn a nation of self-righteous people into a morally reprehensive Gay society. I will go so far as to recommend that Nike change their slogan to “Just do it but not that!” This will serve as a good reminder to all Singaporeans as to what they can and cannot do when they come across Nike ads in public.

2. “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux.”

Oh my God! How can we Singaporeans be so oblivious to Electrolux’s hidden Gay agenda? Electrolux need to come *clean* and explain to Singaporeans what exactly do they intend to suck? A better phrase I feel should be “Electrolux sucks my dust!” and make sure they spell dust correctly!

3. “Melts in your mouth not in your hands”

I don’t even know where to begin with this. Some Singaporeans don’t even know what M in M&M stands for and already M&M is giving them ungodly ideas. If M&M doesn’t change their slogan they should at least change their brand name to M&W. You damn well know that’s how God intended it to be.

4. “Super Duper Yummy”

Paddle-pop with their rainbow coloured ice-cream better own up to their Gay agenda too. There is just something gayish about a rainbow coloured popsicle in a mouth that might just trigger some Singaporeans.

5. “Taste the rainbow”

What the hell was Skittles thinking when they came up with this phrase? Everybody should just stop abusing the rainbow from now on. Singaporeans just need to stop seeing colours of the rainbow on their food! Period.

6. “Have it your way”

You know Burger King, there is only one way and that’s God’s way. Stop giving us all ungodly ideas. Please change it to “Have it your way but not that way!”

7. “Finger-licking good”

Damn it! Nobody needs to lick their fingers! Wash them you filthy animals!

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