More and more Muslims are starting to leave the religion, but this has all been foretold in Islam that signifies the end of days. More Muslims are being led away from the truth.

Below is our humble research done by our Muftis who have spent years observing the Muslim apostate from afar and interviews done with the families of the apostates.

 In this tell-all article, we reveal the reasons that Muslims leave the religion of Islam. 

1. They want to have s*x before marriage. 


This is the most appalling and most common of reasons among why Muslims want to leave Islam. They organise sex parties where STDs and herpes are aplenty and get passed to each other even with safety condoms on due to the savage nature of their intercourse that is entirely outside the boundaries of Islam’s guidelines of etiquette in the bedroom. 

BDSM (whatever you do, do not google it), as popularised in the satanic Jewish book 50 Shades of Grey further propagate such mentalities and give our young innocent Muslims all sorts of ideas that they cannot wait to try out. Moreover, where Islam has said to have a maximum of 4 wives, they want to have more than 4 even before marriage. 

Lots of Muslims couples nowadays not only go dating, but also even go for test drive with their unwed partners. And if they don’t like their partners, they chuck their partners aside. This sort of behaviour is more like animals than it is, humans. It is savage unIslamic mentality. 

2. They think that since they know Science, they know everything. 


This is more common among the more intellectuals and the scientologists in labs doing research. They think that since they know so much about science, they do not need to reference or read or depend on the word of Allah in the Quran anymore. They listened to the voices of reason in their heads, which is just another word for Satan.

Works by Richard Doggins and Neil The Grass Tyson over the years have served to implant the idea of evolution in young kids from a young age. It is so perverse and everywhere now that such materials have managed to seep in, with the help of Satan and his minions, into the education systems.

Their limited complacent minds will be the death of them. Don’t be like them. All these scientific discoveries will only serve to lead you astray especially when they contradict the Quran. 

Parents, watch out for your children if they start developing a keen interest in the sciences. 9 times out of 10, they will eventually lose their faith as their critical thinking skills will be developed to the point that they will start asking blasphemous questions about Allah. Also, keep them away from philosophy. It has been proven over and over again that philosophy is a well disguised Satanic subject. 

3. They want to join the global Jewish conspiracy.



We Muslims know that the world is run by the evil Jews who have all the wealth and the power. Some get tempted by these Earthly pleasures and leave Islam to join the Jews. So they become native informants who tell the Jews our secrets. Prominent native informant wannabe-Jews include Facial Said Al Mortar, leader of the Global Secular Satanist Movement. Some of them do it to get visas from the Jews to leave their native Muslim lands. We don’t even understand why any sane person would want to leave a Muslim nation, with all of its freedoms and what not. Then again, a sane person would never leave Islam.

4. They don’t want to pray so much and have to fast for a full month. 


To them, fasting for a full month, is too difficult to do and they cannot wait everyday to eat good food. They lack the discipline and steadfastness that is required to be a Muslim. First they start by drinking sips while pretending to wash their faces, then entire bottles and before they know it, they’re consuming whole meals discreetly in the privacy of their rooms. We would strongly suggest parents to do room checks in case they hide food.

Praying is a problem for them especially when they have so many other things to do. They readily give up their salah, and even if they do, it is not earnest and only half-hearted to please their mom.

They only want the easy parts of Islam. They are hypocrites who pick and choose from the Quran and find out eventually that they cannot keep up their facade for too long. 

They don’t know that Islam is actually a simple religion. Just follow the instructions and everything will be alright. 

5. They do not want to read the Quran. 


They have probably never touched the Quran in their lives and because of that, Allah’s light cannot reach them for they are constantly in a state of impurity. Their minds are unguarded from negative and haram influences. Their parents have made a grave mistake of not sending their kids for Quranic reading classes and now their kids pay a heavy price. 

6. They want to drink beer with their friends and eat pork.


The beer commercials are so strong these days with their explicit use of sex to sell pint after pint. Society has allowed their ads to be everywhere, on buses and on trains and even sports teams. Even community projects and campaigns are funded by these companies so much so that there is almost no running away from its appeal. Similar things can be said about pork companies that have made bacon look so enticing. 

7. The girls want to wear skimpy and prostitute dresses to make themselves more sexually attractive. 


The Western media has successfully launched their campaign over the years to increase immorality into our everyday lives. The subliminal ill-effects permeate the minds of young Muslim girls from a young age. Whenever they are left to watch TV by themselves, they are continuously told what is attractive and appealing. More women refuse mahram protection by men and want to go out all the time especially after dark. Hair dyes, nail polishes and micro-bikinis and other sex things are all everyday items that can be found in an ex-Muslim girl’s bag.

They also feel the pressure to conform otherwise they will be made fun of by their friends.  

Modesty goes down the drains and they don’t know the dignity and self-worth that they have lost as a result of not covering themselves up properly.

8. Men are attracted to the gay lifestyle. 


Gay ex-Muslims think that by leaving the religion, they can have gay sex without Allah looking at them. Wrong. Allah sees everything. Furthermore, men are getting more and more attractive today that it is not uncommon to see gay scenes played out in the West in public. Men holding other men’s hands and other icky things.  In fact, such perversion has made its way into mainstream movies and is fast gaining wider acceptance under the false motto #lovewins during their heinous gay pride parades.  

9. Satan has possessed them. 


This is very common in families that have not managed to ensure the Aqidah and holiness of their households. Like chinks in one’s armour, Satan will slowly but surely work its way into the household and begin to control the family members one by one. Biggest reason as understood by our Muftis is that the family members fail to fast and make zakat and pray 5 times a day on time. Also, they fail to have wudhu’ on them most of the time. 

 10. They are bitter, angry people who can’t control their anger.


Two well known wannabe-Jews, Iron Hirsi Eli and Saruman Rush-Die joined the global Jewish conspiracy after getting mad at Islam. And for what? For basically nothing! Iron’s genitals were mutilated to preserve her chastity and Saruman was only given death threats. Is that all it takes for these people to get mad? Just one death threat and these infidels start rioting.

11. They are able to leave without any repercussions. 


In the good old days of the caliphates, they won’t even think of harbouring such doubts for they will have their heads rolling before they can cry out Al-lāt, Al-‘Uzzá or Manāt.

It is precisely because of the fact that sharia is not the law of their lands that they dare to think of even leaving the religion.  In some countries where sharia is implemented, it is too lax, as the countries are bowing down to each other to not appear too savage in front of other countries. They are sellouts. 

Verily, all these are signs of the end of days. They have all been prophecised by the Prophet SAW. Towards the end of days, the false may seem like the truth and vice versa. 

Surely, this is all a test. Many have succumbed to this temporary material world of sin. Only the most righteous would pass this test.

May Allah guide us all. 

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