Trans-sect activist, Anjie Chowder.

Trans-sect Muslims took to the streets today to protest for recognition. Leading them was well known trans-sect activist, or as he likes to call himself, sectivist, Anjie Chowder. He became famous when he posed on the cover of PrayBoy magazine, with the one-liner, “Call me Anjie.”

Speaking to reporters, he said,

“For too long have we been ignored. It’s time we got some special attention! I was born a Sunni Muslim. But I identify as a Shia. So basically, I am a Shia trapped in a Sunni body. I have a Shia brain.”

The leader of the Salafi feminist group, Salafi Sistaz AKA Salafistaz, spoke against Anjie,

“Sects are fluid. You can’t have a sectarian body or brain. Sects are social constructs, not things you are born with. Anjie and his gang are just trying to steal the spotlight from us Salafi feminists.”

Social Justice Warrior, Ashley Passless defended the trans-sect Muslims,

“Don’t listen to any of these cislamic oppressors here! Go on, Anjie! We are with you!”

Ashley later told reporters,

“The world is progressing at such a fast rate. Racism is at an all-time low. Gay marriage is legal. Transgender people have become mainstream. The world is the best it has ever been. It sucks! All the good rights movements have been taken. I was born in the wrong generation. These trans-sect sectivists provide me with the perfect chance to become a great white saviour”.

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