Controversy stirs as Malaysian Muslims in Langkawi take to social media to express umbrage over roof structures that resemble a Lowercase letter “T” from afar.

Mohammed Mamat bin Mohamad Mat a local muslim resident has expressed concerns with regards to the Christ like structures on the roof as he lives across from the new estate, as he was quoted saying.

“As a Muslim we are the believers of the one true religion and it is not too much to ask others to respect our beliefs by not displaying imagery that offends us, these Cross like structures on the roof top of these buildings are a distraction to my Muslim community, they’re also also detrimental to our Aqidah points as every time we see them, it is a reminder that we’re not doing our part as Muslims to demand that they be taken down”

Head architect Lim Pei rebutted accusations that the structures were subliminal messages to convert Muslims into Christianity, as he explains that the structures were nothing more than Air wells to provide ventilation to the units.

“We have installed these wells on the roof tops the building to provide more ventilation in the units as we all know how hot and humid the weather is like in our region. What to do now, they want us to paint the well so paint paint lor”, said a disgruntled Lim Pei.

News of the events which sparked in December of last year has just reached the Grand Mufti Al Tair ibn La Ahad of the International Islamic School of the Leap of Faith via Camel Express©, The Way Of The Sunnah© who expresses his concerns over the matter.

“Earlier this year I have already expressed my concerns about Muslims in South East Asia not being Muslim enough with their superstitious pagan beliefs in south east Asian ghosts and now yet again these people have proven my concerns right, with how they’ve overreacted to these Lowercase “T” structures on the roofs of these building. Any real devout Muslims would know that Allah is truly great and divine and had made the Christian symbol of their faith a lowercase “T” for TAKBIR, indeed is it not them who are trying to influence us with their religion but Allah in his greatness and wisdom who made their symbol the first letter of Takbir”

The Grand Mufti has sent out invitations to prominent Malaysian religious leaders for a seat at his council to discuss Malaysia’s recent rise of misdirected Islamism via Camel Express©.


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