The protesters against Halal foods.

The protestors against Halal foods.

The police are investigating what is now being called a “violent clash” between anti-Muslim and anti-racist protestors at the Halal Snack Pack Festival in Sydney last week.The anti-Muslim group “Freedom For All” showed up outside the festival grounds protesting Sharia Law and Halal foods while the anti-racist group “Minorities Do No Wrong” quickly gathered their members for a counter-protest, which unfortunately took a violent turn.

A barrage of punches were thrown as protesters shoved and pushed each other while the police were trying to break up the clash. Two men were reportedly rushed to the hospital in the aftermath of the brawl but are now in a stable condition.

Many members of Freedom For All were quick to speak about the day’s events to our reporter.

“Here I am, minding my own business and exercising my right to free speech and next thing we know, people are protesting against us!” said Nat Tse “I don’t want Sharia law or Halal in Australia. From the days of James Cook, Australia was built on freedom and peace, and these Muslim refugees are invading our land with the terrorism money from Halal certifications! You could almost call it colonialism!”

Another member said that this protest does not reflect the views of Freedom For All and that it was unfair to judge the group over the actions of a select few.

“Freedom For All truly stands for freedom for all; even the poor animals who are killed while they’re still alive” said Nate Ray Syst. “I never knew I cared about animal rights till I discovered Halal Muslims slaughter animals before they are dead!” he went on, “This is definitely all about animal rights,” he reaffirmed while holding up his “Deport Rapefugees” sign.

Minorities Do No Wrong were all huddled up around a Muslim man who had tripped and scraped his knee. After noticing the camera crew, a few rushed over to share their version of events.

“These poor innocent Muslims are out trying to have fun in their cute little Halal Festival and it’s our job to protect them,” said Jack Kass. “Obviously since all Muslims are not terrorists, it must follow that all Muslims are peaceful people. There are 1.6 billion Muslims and it’s just wrong that Freedom For All generalises them into one homogeneous group of bad people when they’re clearly one homogeneous group of peaceful people that can do no wrong.”

A few members were also critical about how Freedom For All approached the issue of Halal food.

“They keep talking about Hadith’s opinion on animal slaughter and what not and they don’t realize that me and all Muslims don’t care who this ‘Hadith’ guy is! Who is he to speak for all Muslims!?” said Emily. “Although I’m vegan, Muslim Halal is totally fine and peaceful! These protesters are gross and racist,” she added on shortly before heckling one of our staff for eating a chicken snack pack.

The infamous Halal Snack Pack (HSP), which started this whole affair.

The infamous Halal Snack Pack (HSP), which started this whole affair.

Given the two groups conflicting opinions at the protest, we went to the famous MurtaDeenCollege to get the opinion of the famous Islamic scholar, Ibn al-Riddah.

“Freedom For All is obviously a very ignorant group” he said, “Allah subhanahuwata’ala clearly states in the Quran that freedom is only for this who follow Islam. Christians and the Jews can convert or pay jizya and other religions can convert.”

We went on to ask him whether he considers Halal peaceful or not.

“It is simple” he said, “all animals are born Muslim and must be slaughtered as per Islamic law; it’s what they want and it’s as peaceful as can be”.

This of course raised the question of what would happen if an animal chooses to switch to another faith or leave Islam all together?

“This is also simple as animals have rights in Islam,” said sheikh Ibn al-Riddah. “If they choose to apostatize and not tell the other animals then there is no issue,” he said, “but if they start to spread their kufr then we will simply treat them the same way we treat humans who do the same; this religion is equally kind to all creatures of Allah.”

This has been a guest post by Raif Rawandi.

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