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Hey! Mupti News? What you thinking about all these stupids crying on the Masal Khan? Its an internal matter, why the whole world is looking at Pakistan for this? This person has said lies on Allah subhana wata’ala and the Messenger of Allah, and he was refusing to stop it apparently. So why everyone is crying on him?

Yes, it is wrong what has happened. I repeat. It is wrong that ANY MUSLIM is taking this matter into his private hands and attacking on him. I don’t care what this bhenchod has said, NO MUSLIM should harm even one hair on his head! Any person who does this is NOT FOLLOWING ISLAM! There is no more strong condemnation I can make in the matter. In fact if anyone has taken part in this act knowingly with intention to kill this person, I will even go so far as to say they are not true Muslims. Also there are some facts now coming in the news that perhaps there were some Mossad in the crowd trying to incite this act so that it will look bad for Pakistan and for the Muslims.  I am not saying this is true but this is what my cousin Jawad is saying, perhaps there is some merit to it.

But now everyone is looking at the Pakistan for this? And even more hurtful, they are looking on Islam and saying lies on Islam? What is this madness? People have to understand that for us, we love Rasulallah more than we love our mothers. If a person is talking about your mother, saying she is choot ka bhoot or something worse, are you going to take it? So why you are expecting only Muslims to absorb this insult?

If I could even look on noble face of the Rasul Allah for one second only, I would gladly cut off my own choti se luli and consume it, because there is nothing more I will want from this dunya. If I can ask Allah ta’ala only one thing, I will say, “Please ya rabb! Please take my own life or the life of any of my children if it means that the Noble Prophet can be spared even one insult in this life.”

Why there is this international hungama over this one chutiya? Every day Muslim brothers are being killed in Afghanistan and Kasmir. In Syria Muslim babies are being killed. Israel is killing Muslim brothers every day. Why there is no concern about this? Muslim life has no meaning to the West, but anybody who speaks against Islam becomes their hero and then when he is killed by some accident they cannot stop crying.

But also it’s missing some facts. One person has died, it is true. But when a person says lies on Islam, ONE BILLION MUSLIMS HEARTS ARE AFFECTED! What is more important? Nobody should be killed, but what I am saying is that any real Muslim will rather die himself than to hear that a person is talking about the religion in a false manner!  So when a person says lies on Islam, it is as if he has killed all the Muslims. So we have to remember this logics when we are talking about it calmly.

Second fact is that when a person says lies on Islam, it is the right of every Muslim to see that he is put before a proper Islamic judge so that he is allowed to repent (because Islam is merciful) or if it is not accepted, then the punishment must be given by all the ulema on behalf of the entire community! When a few uloo ka patas take it on themselves to do this thing then all of the rest of us are denied the chance for the proper steps to be taken.

I will stop it here but I will add only one thing. It is quite right that the Masal Khan should have been given a different treatment. And I am sorry for his parents because probably they are good Muslims, they did not deserve to have a son who says these things and now on top of it he is killed. But when a thing like this happens we must examine all the facts. And it is not right for people to take the death of one person and for people to use it to make a disgrace on Islam.

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