Blævar, an Icelander; a Communist; a dwarf; and yes, a Muslim.

Blævar, an Icelander; a Communist; a dwarf; and yes, a Muslim.

It happens to me at least two or three times a week. Some ignorant person will approach me and engage me in the most annoying, frustrating conversation. And it’s always the same. It goes something like this:

Islamophobe: “Blævar, you are from Iceland…”

Blævar: “Yes, of course, I am from Iceland. Don’t be stupid.”

Islamophobe: “And Blævar, you are a dwarf…”

Blævar: “Well, I prefer the term little person, but yes, I was born with a hormonal deficiency that makes me significantly shorter than the average adult male.”

Islamophobe: “And Blævar, you are a communist…”

Blævar: “Well, I do think that Karl Marx’s insights were grossly misunderstood, and I would like to see more of his ideas influencing public policy in Iceland and in Europe as a whole, yes.”

Islamophobe: “Well Blævar, how can you be all those things… AND be Muslim at the same time? Doesn’t your belief in Islam preclude you being all of those things?

Blævar: (facepalm)

Let me answer this once and for all, for all you haters out there.

No. There is absolutely no conflict in being a Muslim, and in being an Icelandic Communist Dwarf.

It is perfectly possible for me to be loyal to the constitution of Iceland… to believe that society should require contributions “from each according to their ability” and provide “to each according to their need”…  to fully embrace the challenges and unexpected joys of being short in stature but tall in spirit…

And to believe that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him, is His messenger.

Icelandic patriotism and Islamic lifestyle are compatible

There is no conflict whatsoever in following my Icelandic heritage, and in following the deen and the sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. Just like any Icelander, I enjoy a good plate of Þorramatur when I return home from a long day of ice fishing. And just like any Muslim, I ask my first wife to prepare the Súrsaðir hrútspungar using halal ram testicles, not the regular kind bought from Bónus.

In fact, there is nothing I enjoy more than a homemade meal of hangikjöt when I break fast during Ramadan (which, in Iceland, sometimes requires me to not eat or drink for 720 consecutive hours, as daylight often extends 24 hours in my hometown of Stykkishólmur during the summer months).

This is difficult, and to be perfectly honest, it would be almost impossible without Shaikh Hamza Matthias Jochumsson, who serves as the Imam of the Fjarðabyggð masjid. I cannot tell you what a blessing it is to see him for Jum’ah prayers every Friday, as Masha’Allah, it is only me and him there, so there is much opportunity for him to impart his knowledge of Islam to me. He has strengthened my iman so much, Subhan’Allah.

Communist beliefs and need to obey Islamic law are compatible

There is also absolutely no conflict whatsoever in my tendency to vote for pro-union candidates for the Alþingi such as Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir; and my support for an increase Iceland’s minimum wage on the one hand; and my concurrent belief that Shari’ah law, properly formulated from the word of Allah in the Qur’an and the sunnah of Rasullallah, is the best way for a country to be governed.

Yes, of course as a Muslim, I would love nothing more than for all my fellow Icelanders to accept the truth of Islam, so that we can have a national system of zakat installed in Iceland. I would be thrilled to see the advent of an interest-free banking model that relies on mudaraba profit-sharing models.

But Muslims are commanded to cooperate with the system in place. Iceland is not a Muslim country, and so I am allowed under Islam to adopt Icelandic political positions and economic views. And so I want to reassure fellow Icelanders that Muslim like me are not trying to take over your country. Rather, I am simply patiently waiting for Iceland’s proletariat to rise up and expropriate the expropriators of their labor so that Iceland’s capitalist system can collapse upon itself.

Dwarfism does NOT make it more difficult to be Muslim- why would you even assume this?

What is wrong with you people?

I mean, this is not even remotely not the same level as the other two things!

“But Blævar,” the person will inevitably persist. “You are not just an Icelandic Communist Muslim. You are an Icelandic Communist Dwarf who is also a Muslim. How can that be?”

At that point, I usually end the conversation. A person like this is simply so blinded by his own hatred for Islam, that he will never understand how Islam appeals to people from all walks of life. It is probably for the best that this person speaks up, so I can at least be aware of his ignorance and avoid him in the future. Icelamophobia is a growing problem for all Muslims in Iceland- both of us.

Sometimes, I just want to shout at people like this that, “Yes! Okay? Yes, I am Icelandic. Yes, I am a communist. Yes, I am a dwarf. And yes, I do believe that Allah sent the Qur’an as his final message to mankind, and that this life is simply a test before the greater eternal life that comes after this one!

“Yes I do believe that those who do not believe in Allah; in His messenger; and in the Last Day, are doomed to spend an Eternity in Hellfire!

“Yes I do believe that if we do not follow the word of Allah in the Qur’an, and the sunnah of the Prophet, sallalahuwalaihiwasallam, then Allah will put a seal on our hearts that prevents us from ever returning to the path of righteousness!

“Yes I do believe it is fard to make Hajj at least once in my lifetime, and that there is special barkat in doing umrah!

“Yes I do believe that eating pork is haraam and that the Prophet was the perfect example for mankind, even though he received a special exception from Allah to have 13 wives!

“Okay? Do you have a problem with any of that?”

I honestly don’t know what people’s problem is. In my mind, it all makes perfect sense. The things I believe as a Muslim are perfectly compatible with all my other beliefs, because I just keep them separate, in a corner of my brain, so that I can simply ignore the contradictions between Islam and all my other beliefs.

But I have learned to respect my Islamic beliefs as being sacred and most high, so it is very rude of you to talk about. Please, just leave me alone.

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