A Western Muslim who serves her role well by doing things like blocking a motion in NUS that sought to condemn ISIS by using the 'Islamophobia' card and using the Gazan victimhood narrative to fuel antisemitism; may Allah reward her with a strong Jihadi husband who will take care of her.

A Western Muslim who serves her role well by doing things like using the Islamophobia card to block a motion in NUS that sought to condemn ISIS and using the Gazan victimhood narrative to fuel antisemitism; may Allah reward her with a strong Jihadi husband who will take care of her. – Mufti Al Kouya

Bismillah, ar-Rahman, ar-Rahim.

First of all, let’s mention that despite of the peaceful and tolerant message that Islam carries and shares with the world, most of people and kuffar try to vandalize this beautiful image of Islam and refuse to return it with peace, but instead they declare wars and kill innocent Muslims and invade innocent, peaceful Muslim countries. May the curse of Allah be brought down on the kuffar and the West.

But meanwhile, until Allah sends His curse, we Muslims who live in the West have a big responsibility in reflecting the true image of Islam, and maybe, just maybe it will make some kuffar come to their senses and follow the one true religion.

For a Muslim to live among kuffar (Christians, Jews, and especially ATHEISTS) is really harsh and challenging, and can be exposed to the risk of being purposely deflected. Muslims are very respectful to Christians and other religions, but not vice versa, Christians can be very rude and disrespectful; they drink alcohol (Astaghferollah), eat pork (Astaghferollah), and they sometimes do these stuff in public, they make ads on streets and TVs about it, they display Christmas decorations and have public parties and tree and street lightings.

All this stuff mentioned above can be very provoking and insulting for a Muslim, to witness the acts that Allah (Most High) forbid and labeled as Haram be permissible and on public. But as Muslims, we shouldn’t be easily provoked, and should try our best to act normal and show them that we are tolerant (again, it’s just temporary until the curse of Allah has struck), because their main goal is to provoke us and show the world that we Muslims are easily offended by everything and intolerant and violent.

Here are some steps that can help you stay on peaceful mode, if provocation has hit its highest levels:

1) Open and read the Quran, it will put you on peaceful mode with the peaceful content it offers.

2) Keep in mind that our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) dealt with things accordingly and properly and peacefully. (He didn’t kill, burn, or used violence until it was necessary on all aspects).

3) Visit your non-Muslim neighbor which is displaying and insulting you (be careful, do not enter the house, the furthest you should go is the doorstep) and ask them tolerantly to stop displaying holiday decorations, and to drink or eat pork INSIDE the house.

4) File a law suit.

5) Sneak and pray in the yard of your neighbor, maybe the mercy of Allah will descend upon their house and they will convert to Islam- which will be the best solution and you will receive 1000 thawabs.

6) Ask the nearby churches to stop ringing their bells and offer them to convert the churches to mosques or at least to put Adhan on speakers.

7) Hold events at your yard (not house, kuffar are not to be allowed into your house), lecturing your neighbors about Islam and the Prophet (PBUH).

8) Offer to marry one or more of your neighbor’s daughters.

9) Last step, if all the above didn’t work, leave the neighborhood, or the country and wait until the curse of Allah comes of time, and then return with the Muslim invasion.

So, in conclusions; the neighbor holds a special status in Islam (as long as they don’t offend by all the acts mentioned above). Islam encourages Muslims to treat their neighbors in a gentle way that reflects the true and genuine spirit of Islam as exemplified in its tolerant aspect, especially with people of other faiths.

A’ishah, the Mother of the Beliebers.. sorry Believers (may Allah be pleased with her) stated that she once asked the Prophet (PBUH) “O Messenger of Allah! I have two neighbors. To whom shall I send my gifts?” He said, “To the one whose gate is nearer to you”.

We notice that the Prophet (PBUH) didn’t tell her to give the gift to her Muslim neighbor, for 2 reasons:

1) A Muslim already has the greatest gift which is Islam (Alhamdollelah).

2) The Prophet was just and tolerant, and so should we be.

I want to finish my fatwa with a message to the non-believers: convert to Islam before Islam force-converts you and before it’s too late to convert. You will lose the benefits of being a Muslim (72 virgins in Heaven) and will burn in Hell with the rest of the Kuffar.

This has been a guest post by Sheikh Abu Tanaka, the man previously known as Sheikh Abu Altanakawi

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