Mufti Khaled showing his love for Islamoconomics

By: Islamaoconomics Team, MEMRY

THIS morning, President Donald Cruz, prominent anti-Islamic leader of the Zionist faction called the “Republicans”, heading the great enemy of Islam, the United States of America, issued a statement that the great Mufti Khaled’s numerous contributions to the growing Islamic community in the United States will not be calculated in the computation of the country’s “Gross Domestic Product”, a measure for how well their citizens are doing. It is a commonly used method worldwide. It is often referred to as the “GDP”.

However, a research team headed by Dr Imam Abdullah al-Jordani, the head of the Islamoconomics Team at the Middle Eastern Muslims Research Yttrium, has found that this “Gross Domestic Product” is indeed, very gross. As a result, it is too foul and will not be accepted by the Muslim community and Mufti Khaled. Instead, Dr al-Jordani has suggested that this age-old concept Mufti Khaled showing his love for Islamoconomics recently discovered in Hadith al-Bukhuri, will be the norm for computing the contributions by Muslims across the world. This concept is none other than the “Not-Gross Pahala Product”, abbreviated henceforth as “NGPP”. This concept has been praised heavily by Muftis across the world as a unifying and premium standard for calculating the Not-Gross Pahala that Muslims across the world will be given in return for their fund contributions to our great leader Najib.

The study of Macroislamonocomics is an important tenet in the conversion of Muslim material worth worldwide based on a fixed exchange rate system to Pahala points. Dr al-Jordani has advised that for a Muslim to gain access to the great sky above, they must either achieve a minimum of 4.2 billion Pahala points, or equivalent. These points are computed using a system where 1 Saudi Riyadh = 1 Pahala point.

““NGPP” presents a new revelation that will greatly help Muslims worldwide figure out how much they must contribute to our great leader Najib so that they may gain access to the great sky above!” proclaimed Dr al-Jordani.

When reached for comment on how he felt about this lack of recognition by the United States of America, Mufti Khaled gave us an apt statement.

“Dr al-Jordani is smart. Dr al-Jordani is loyal. The Hadith al-Bukhuri is smart. The Hadith al-Bukhuri is loyal. I appreciate that. Have a Pahala point. Another one. Another one. Another one. Another one. Buy yourself Contribute funds to great leader Najib so that you enter the great sky above.

Contribute funds to great leader Najib so your family enters the great sky above. We the best religion. My name is Mufti Khaled. Peace.”.

This concludes the weekly Islamoconomics update. From the team here at MEMRY, and on behalf of Dr al-Jordani, we would like to thank you for reading our hard work and research, and may your contributions to the great leader Najib increase your Pahala points count. and the “NGPP” worldwide.

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